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Learning about Lab Station Activities

Lab activities refer to those type of activities where the learners conduct in a lab to know the process and also help them be involved in the study. One can understand the topic more by engaging in Lab activities. Also it help in breaking the classroom monotony where the learners sit and listen to the teacher. Lab activities are also some of the ways of testing the student’s knowledge and also the learners have to learn through assessment. When conducting lab activities, one needs to understand that there are descriptions cads as well as questions to answer and more detailed instruction to follow.

After the experiment, there is a sheet that learners are usually given where they can write all the answers to the questions given. Answer keys are only provided where applicable. The station cards that are given are mainly used as a lab activity however learners can be provided before as a review test for the questions. When learners use it before or during a lab activity, one can be assured that the content is well understood . Apart from the main activity, there are other bonus activities that one need to know. A 10-word scramble and word search both with the answer keys is one of the bonus activity one can provide the learners. One needs to know that the bonus activity one give to the students can be used as part of the mark, so it’s not mandatory. When one use the bonus activity as a mark it ensures that the students are busy and not idle. Lab stations vary with how they are designed but aim at offering a better learning experience for all the learners.

It’s essential for one to learn how these stations work. Station one, gets hands-on where students are required to use creative skills to draw or build. Station two requires one to research. Researching is done by learners where they search on a particular issue that evolves on that topic. The third station students are supposed to explain their opinions in a paragraph that is written down.

Next is station four white the learner’s rest or catch up with work that they had not completed in the previous stations as well as preparing themselves for the upcoming stations. Applicability reading is the station that follows the rest station and here learners study a passage from the article which directly connects the learners to the real-life situations. One can test their understanding in station six by answering some of the questions. In the station, seven students are required to learn from an expert that by using a computer device.

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