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9 Crucial Steps To Take Immediately After A Car Accident

Every year there occur about 6 million car accidents. 6% of those turn to be fatal while 27% cause injuries. Accidents can happen any time. You just have to be prepared by knowing what you should do after an accident. Below are important steps to take after an auto accident.

First, you need to look for injuries. You need to make sure that everyone is okay. Before you start doing anything, make sure no one has injuries. Call 911 immediately if there are people with serious injuries.

It is vital you move away from the road. Make sure you don’t go away from the scene of the accident. You should move your car to the roadside. You need to ensure safety of the other drivers. However, if the car is too damaged and cannot move, ensure you and the other passengers move to safety. Don’t move someone with injuries as it could cause further damage.

After you are certain about the safety of your passengers, you need to check on the passengers found in the other car. If you find anyone badly injured or unconscious, you need to call 911.

It is advisable you call 911 even if there are no serious injuries. High levels of adrenaline can mask pain. You may realize you are hurt hours or even days later. Calling 911 will help you when filing for a claim and also you get a police report. You will get compensated if you incur medical bills.

It is important to exchange information when waiting for help. This information will help you a lot when filing a claim. Get the first and last name, phone number, insurance policy number, license plate number, driver’s license number, color and model of the vehicle and the accident location.

It is essential that you document the accident. Take photos of the cars to show the damage done. Take also photos of the license plate. Get the name and badge number of the police after they arrive. You should get a copy of the accident report. It is advisable that you never admit guilt when talking to the police.
Contact your insurance company soonest possible. Call them when you are at the accident scene. Calling them soon ensures you get compensation.

It is vital you give consideration to pain. Adrenaline rush masks pain. Ensure you get checked don’t even if you if you experience. It also help in strengthening your claim.

Also, you need to contact a lawyer. Insurance companies are usually hesitant in providing compensation. A car accident attorney will help you to get the compensation you deserve.