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Factors that Affect your Choice of Lumber

You will at some point have to choose the right wood for your project. In such cases you will see people looking at the prices quoted for the timber. This should not be the case. There are far more important factors at play. An example is what you intend to do with the selected lumber.

There is all manner of wood that works well for different kinds of projects out there. Imagine having to make a butcher block. A good selection shall be maple. Its closed grains shall keep absorption of liquids low. The fact that it is hard shall make it last a long time. You, therefore, need to know whether you need hardwood of softwood for the project. There is also a need to know if the finished item will remain solitary or will be touched a lot. Softwood is best for items that people will keep touching. Hardwood is, however, best if the surfaces in question will be treated to some knocks over time, no matter how much there shall be touching. Such apply when baseboards and doorways are being made. For items and surfaces outside, you need to select rot-resistant woods such as mahogany, teak, or cedar.

There are certain benefits you will enjoy when using hardwood. They are for one capable of taking scratches, dings, and dents without showing any of it on the surfaces. This is why they make such durable furniture. This is also the case with hardwood moldings. Softwood, on the other hand, is cheaper, and is thus great for temporary projects, such as support beams and such in the construction industry.
There are also separate methods used for grading softwood and hardwood. This means the grading of the wood you are getting matters to the outcome. Grading affects the appearance and finish on the completed project. You, therefore, need to be keen while purchasing. You shall learn more about grading on this site.

There is also the presence of reclaimed lumber for you to go over. Reclaimed wood happens to be cheaper than fresh lumber. It is also reliable, considering it has been in use before successfully. You will also find this to be environmentally friendly since there is no need for a fresh harvest. They will also be beautiful in a unique manner that only comes as wood ages. As you pick which reclaimed wood to use, keep in mind the difference between softwood and hardwood.

For all your lumber needs, you will have to go to a reputable and established lumber yard. Home improvement centers hardly ever have what you need anyway. A yard is better stocked where lumber is concerned. You can also rely on the advice from their experienced crew when it comes to selecting the right lumber. You can visit them on this site.

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